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Under the regional label "natürli", natürli zürioberland ag sells selected cheese specialties from regional small cheese dairies. In addition, we produce high-quality dairy products and cottage cheese in our own dairy in Saland in the Töss Valley.

Natürli cheese and natural dairy products are available from numerous regional retailers,in our humidors,at the wholesale distributors and in our webshop.


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Neueröffnung am 27.2.2020: An all unsere 🧀 Fans im Raum Oerlikon: Noch herrscht gähnende Leere in den Regalen des Chäs-Huus im Eleven Oerlikon... dies wird sich bis zum 27.2. ändern... die Vorfreude steigt 😋🥰🧀🧀 ... Mehr erfahrenEinklappen

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An alle Frisch-, Wieder- und Noch-Immer-Verliebte 😍: Am Freitag ist nicht nur Valentistag, sondern auch natürli Racletteplausch. Und ihr wisst ja: Liebe geht durch den Magen...also am besten gleich anmelden unter www.naturli-ag.ch/anmeldung-racletteplausch

14 Sorten feins natürli Raclette - da schmelzen die Herzen 💕
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Unsere Humidore sind wahre Schatzkammern! Eintreten, probieren, entdecken und geniessen...ihr findet uns an 9 Standorten: https://www.naturli-ag.ch/humidore/ 😋🧀
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Our values


We guarantee maximum freshness through short transport routes and, whenever possible, the use of regional ingredients.


We use only natural raw materials and do not use preservatives, artificial flavourings and dyes.


We know where the milk that is in our products comes from. Our supply chains are transparent and traceable, from pasture to the shelf.


We maintain a sustainable, fair and cooperative cooperation with our regional producers and suppliers.

natürli cheese competence in numbers

Months of maturation

Our cheese specialties ripen on average for 9 months in the stone cellar – so they develop their characteristic aroma.

Tons of cheese

More than 200 tons of cheese ripen in our cheese cellars in Saland. There they are regularly cared for and checked for their quality.


In nine humidors we sell our cheese directly from the cheese cellar. A shopping experience for the eye, nose and palate awaits you.

Types of cheese

Depending on the season, we offer around 300 types of cheese from Switzerland and abroad, including seasonal specialties, in our humidors.

Unique shopping experience in our cheese humidor

Fresh, fresher, humidor: If you have ever tasted cheese directly from the cheese cellar, you know: the fresher a cheese, the better the aroma and taste.

In order to be able to offer customers cheese as fresh as from the cellar, natürli zürioberland AG has developed the cheese humidor. This innovative small-format cheese cellar offers a unique shopping experience for all your senses: In the humidor, temperature and humidity are regulated in such a way that they correspond to the real climatic conditions in a cheese cellar. Thanks to ideal climatic conditions, the cheese can be stored openly in the humidor – so it retains its unadulterated aroma.