Shopping experience Cheesehumidor

Fresh, fresher, Humidor: In our Humidor we offer you cheese fresh as from the cheese cellar.
The idea

Anyone who has ever tasted cheese directly in the cheese cellar knows that cheese from the cellar tastes more intense and authentic than cheese from the plastic packaging. How does it manage to keep the cheese as much of its characteristic aroma as possible on its way from the cellar to the customer? Quite simply: We bring the cellar to the customer!

In order to be able to offer customers cheese fresh as from the cellar, natürli zürioberland AG has developed an innovative and courageous concept: the cheese humidor.

After several years of intensive development, in which construction, air conditioning and materials were honed, the first cheese humidor in Switzerland opened in spring 2014 at the Jelmoli Food Market in Zurich.

The wood of our Humidore comes from Zurich's Oberland forests, which are managed sustainably.

The climate

The Humidor offers a shopping experience for all the senses: those who enter the Humidor go to a small-format cheese cellar, also in terms of climate.

The Humidor is consistently 14°C and about 94% humidity. This corresponds to the real climatic conditions in a cheese cellar.

Thanks to ideal climatic conditions, the cheese can be stored openly in the Humidor – so it retains its unadulterated aroma.

The people

At Humidor, you will be expertly advised by our trained staff.
Discover unknown varieties, reinterpreted classics or rare delicacies. Between 250 and 300 types of cheese await curious cheese lovers.
The range is varied and versatile. In addition to regional cheeses, which make up the lion's share of the range, we also offer selected specialities from abroad at Humidor.
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The locations

You can currently find our natürli Humidor at the following nine locations – further openings are planned: